If you have a Lot-O-Tumbler, and it's just not working for you, bring your FULL barrel to us, we'll put it on our machine, and see if we can't give you some pointers!

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Ever wondered about the mystery of tumbling rocks? Do you remember the drums into which you put your treasures, and 3 months later out came …. ?? Disappointment?

Everything has changed! Modern technology, using vibrating tumblers, specifically the Lot-O-Tumbler by Calloway, has made it a JOY to take rough rocks, unpolished jewelry, and almost any item that can fit through it’s 2.25” mouth, and turn them into highly polished treasures!

We’ll show you how to overcome your “fear” of trying something new.

We’ll provide the tumbler, the materials, and even the rough rocks.

You provide your interest, a space to set up the tumbler (less than 2 square feet), and the required counter weight (a 40lb concrete garden stone or cinderblock available at the home store or lumber yard, or maybe even in your garage already!)

The Lot-O-Tumbler allows you take rough rock, and in less than a week turn it into polished stones!

This tumbler makes it easy to see what is going on. You can literally watch your rocks grind and polish before your eyes! You’ll see exactly what happens to the stones in each phase of the process, and you’ll learn to pick out the problem stones and tweak the mix to get the best possible end results.

Classes run 4 weeks, and by the fourth week you should have at least one batch of fully polished, ready to enjoy stones, as well as material in various stages of processing so you can easily continue to enjoy your new hobby. Dates can be Monday Nights 6-8pm, Saturday Mornings (10am-12noon) or Sunday Afternoons (3-5pm)

Week 1: Introduction to the tumbler. Hands-on with the store unit, to see how to set up, load and start off the first batch of materials.

Week 2: we’ll review your material, and talk about what you need to do to improve or alter the grinding process.

Week 3: Hopefully, you’ll have your first batch of polished stones! We’ll review problems, talk about how to improve the end result.

Week 4: We’ll review your in-process, and finished work, talk more about how to mix materials to get a better result, and award your certificates of achievement!

Cost: $55 for the class (4 meetings) – if you have your own vibrating tumbler.

Materials fee $60 (includes 2 pounds of 120/220, ½ pound of 400/500, and 1 oz of polish, and 5 pounds of high-graded tumble rough). You are free to use your own, of course, but ours is picked for the class, and will yield fewer problems, in general. Purchase your materials from us, and get a free Rock Tumbling Discount Card.

Package including tumbler: $250, includes discount card.

Stop by the shop for an order form and sign up information.
50% non-refundable deposit required with sign up, balance due by the first day of class.
75% of sign-up fee can be used for a later class, if you need to cancel.

Please Note: PUGDOG® Enterprises, Inc. & their Rock & Bead Shop is not a mail order shop. We have a retail location, and REALLY want you to come by, see what you are getting, feel it, handle it, and take it home with you. We want to be THE local resource people within driving range of our shop, and bring a bit of the South West (and the world) to Pittsburgh.

If you want to mail order supplies or tumblers, why not try The Rock Shed. They have a mail order business set up, and we've dealt with them before.